Thursday, 11 May 2017

How many people does it take to make a promotional video?

The answer of course is six - plus one. 

The 'one' is the poor person being filmed, caught in the cold hard gaze of the camera (much like a rabbit is caught in the glare of oncoming headlights).

Today we had a film crew in, tasked with making a promotional video explaining why you should study Graphic Design or Illustration at The University of Cumbria.

That sounds deceptively easy doesn't it? After all we offer our students  an in-depth, highly personal education (with a mass of tutor contact and access to kit) allowing them to graduate as confident, highly employable practitioners. We are also enjoy an exceptional quality of life, living as we do in an area of outstanding loveliness (see below).

However, once in front of a camera and microphone (with a crowd looking on) even the most eloquent can become self-conscious and tongue-tied as a few of us found out today.

Here's charismatic year 3 Graphic Design student Sarah wishing she hadn't said yes so quickly...

...although she quickly warmed to the camera.

Hopefully the crew got enough footage to make a double-snazzy, standout video with appropriately rocking soundtrack.

Thanks to all involved and we hope it will surpass the pinnacle reached many years ago by our legendary 'Erm' promotional video (see below) showcasing a generation of successful Grillust design students.


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