Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Summer Show Update (just over a week still to go)

It's been a week of moving furniture, painting walls and creating random areas of diagonals.

James Musson (21) and his 'Homage to Kandinsky'.

 Wassily Kandinsky (33) 'Homage to James Musson' (1923)

On the count of three, LIFT!

 'Circusy' Lettering

 The Chuckle Brothers (both 21) - 'To me, to you...'

A behind the scenes glimpse of how to paint razor-sharp stripes. 


Continuing the diagonal theme... 

Masking tape removal time. 

Carmen Miranda tribute time...

 Carmen Miranda yesterday...

Becky (21) at work on a big Donald Trump dressed as a clown (insert your own witty comment here) 

Still some way to go, please check in again next week to see how we're getting on.