Monday, 27 March 2017

Grillust Goes on Tour

You're probably aware that Grillust and 'rock music' are virtually synonymous. There's not a day goes by when we aren't contacted by record company A&R people who need to hastily name a new band or artiste. For example, we've recently given the world of music:

  • The Floppy Collar Hoops (Psychedelia)
  • Selfie and The Soup Eaters (American Roots Rock)
  • Concrete Pontoons (Prog)
  • N'Shit (Drum 'n' Bass)
  • Beef Walkabout (Hair Metal)
  • Brown From the Waist Down (Folk)
  • Minuscule Internet Pipe (New Rave)
  • Cheese Pioneer (Synth Pop)
  • The Flowery Cartouches (Psychedelia [again])
  • Barnes Wallace and His Bouncing Bombs (50s Rock 'n' Roll)
  • Digital Monty Don (Speed Gabba)
  • The Savage Corners (Death Metal)
However, we are aware that we've been living vicariously and with that in mind we've decided to 'hit the road' in the summer break and take in some of the 'happeningest' music venues the North has to offer.

The Grillust team have created two bands. Headliners Aural Fixation and support act, Elitist Pedestal.

Aural Fixation comprise:

Tony "Perked" Peart - Lead Guitar
Martin "Why am I here" Fowler - Drums
Dwayne "Wee 'Un" Bell - Lead Vocals & pocket billiards
"Jiminy" Jim Millington - Bass Guitar

and have a sound that could best be described as 'tuneless'.

Elitist Pedestal are a much more highbrow proposition, peddling as they do Semiotic Synth Pop. Interestingly they are also the world's first four-piece trio...

Their line up is as follows:

Nick "NO, I don't look like Morrissey" Dodds - Vocals & Barthes (yes he does)!
Rhiannon "No Mercy" Robinson - Triangle (isosceles)
Zoe "The Duchess" Garnett-Scott - Glass Harmonica (broken)
"Future" Dave Robert - Stylophone

Come and see us - after all, we've got plenty of tickets left.

Stars in Stripes

Last Tuesday was the official Grillust Stipe Day - what do you mean, you didn't know?..

Grillust students were called to arms in order to change the world on the 21st of March this year, in Grillust's inaugural "Stripe Day". 

The day involved a series of stripe related events, including getting dressed up in stripes, inserting stripes into mint humbugs, campaigning (successfully) to get 'The White Stripes' to reform and finally, devising and implementing 'triple yellow' parking (see below). This Über parking enforcement is designed to instil the 'fear of god' into those selfish drivers who persistently ignore 'double yellows' outside convenience stores, post offices and fast food outlets.

The turn out was excellent, and this is a tradition we hope to be carried on across future generations of Grillust Designers and Illustrators. 

Students were not put off work by the blinding amounts of stripes. From left to right: Jim, Danielle, James M, Sarah, Leanne.

 Don't have a stripey shirt? Try masking tape! It's the perfect substitute. 

 Grillust United - the 2016-17 North West League champions.

 Bridget Riley's worst nightmare...

A fun day was had by all and long may the stripes 'n' stripes keep flying...

Scenes from the Life Room - Now in Colour!

Bumper catch-up edition...

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Wednesday 22 March - Applicant Visit Day

Today was a rather busy but fun Applicant Visit Day here at The University of Cumbria Institute of the Arts.

Potential students, keen to experience some 'quality time' with our staff and students, came to spend the day with us.

The programme involved various talks, tours, slap up Cumbrian lunch and a couple of specialist workshop sessions in our big studio.

These were lead by our very own 'Queen of Typography', H.R.H. The Typographer Royal, Rhiannon Robinson (33) who had our guests experimenting with cut up letterforms - we provided the paper, scalpels, glue and first aid!

Everyone seemed to have a splendid time and we collectively thank them for coming and hope they had a safe journey home.

H.R.H. in action (the sceptre is obviously used as a white board pointer).

 Lunch - time for networking and tray bakes.

 "How do you spell Carlisle?"...

In the background we see (from left to right) Year 3 students Marisa, Sarah and Chloe assisting our guests. Chloe is good at hiding - can you see her?

 And finally, here's a small sample of the work created during the workshop.

Lett's Diary

Yesterday, 2016 graphic design graduate Shona Lett (33), popped in to Grillust™Towers to show us a little green book; the Favourite Design 2016 Annual...

...and what a bumper edition it is too, with Shona featured not once, but twice in its hallowed pages.

You can find more of Shona's work at

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Creative Typographic Experimentation

Here at Grillust Towers we believe in the benefits of 'creative play' and experimentation with analogue techniques and materials, as well as developing digital skills. The First Year students are currently working on their second typography project with HRH Typographer Royal Rhiannon Robinson, where they have been asked to create a set of experimental letterforms before incorporating them into a layout for a poster. The studio is awash with an array of materials being cut, frayed, plaited, woven, folded, glued, stitched, pierced and pleated into some weird and wonderful type. More on how these are transformed into arresting poster designs next week...

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

From the Drawing Board

Tom Foster is a 2000ad art droid. If you don't know what 2000ad is, hang your head in shame. Tom's precise and meticulous work draws (ha!) inspiration from legendary art droids such as Cliff Robinson and Brian Bolland. In this short film, Tom takes us through his process. It's a must watch for aspiring comic book artists and illustrators in general.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Grillust Enters the University Boat Race 2017!

Sunday April 2 isn't too far off and with the Cambridge crew refusing to compete due to them not winning for the last six years straight, it's time for The University of Cumbria to step up to the mark and enter its own elite Grillust crew.

We're taking training very seriously and have even been doing a little practising...

On the big day expect to see us emerging from Barnes Bridge about ten lengths clear of the Oxford crew!

Friday, 3 March 2017

Hoops are just so in!

3rd year Graphic Designers, Tom Selwood (21) and Chloe Farsi (21), have come to blows over this year's cutting-edge Breton hoop fashion. Thin hoops or thick hoops? White hoops or blue hoops? Spaghetti hoops or Alphabeti Spaghetti? Both look confident before taking ten paces, turning and firing...

...we'll bring you the result next week!

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Watermark 2017

In collaboration with students from a number of Arts & Humanities courses, including Creative Writing, Photography and Wildlife Media, etc., our own 2nd year Grillustasi have been extra busy over the past week putting together this year's Watermark publication. The publication is designed as an accompaniment to the International Keswick Literature Festival "Words by the Water" which starts tomorrow!

Working under the editorial direction of Senior Lecturer in Media, Tony Randall (33), Graeme Guthrie, Victoria Smith, Elizabeth Sharples and Sian Whitfield (all 21 and all from Year 2 BA(Hons) Graphic Design) have been putting in the long nights, getting ready for the print run, scheduled for 8.15 am this morning at CN Print in Carlisle.

Illustrative elements were produced courtesy of 2nd year BA(Hons) Illustration student, Hazel Mason (21), who's efforts have brought another dimension to a publication that has, in the past, been dominated by photography and type.

The Student Editor was Rebecca Gibson from BA(Hons) Wildlife Media.

Well done to all involved!