Monday, 20 June 2011

Darren Connor

The saddest of news – our dear friend and colleague Darren Connor, died yesterday whilst undertaking a sponsored cycle ride. As all of you who came into contact with him know, Darren was one of life's great enthusiasts and infused all around him with great positivity. He had a radar eye for the strange, absurd and obtuse, so much so that he had become a one man"daft magnet" (nice work if you can get it!)
It would be wrong to say they broke the mold when they made him, because let's be honest more than likely they would have left it on a train somewhere, and to this day it is traveling all stations (without a ticket).
So what about some pithy quotes you ask – well what about some that he never actually said:
"do you think this shirt will clash"?
"not sure I can be bothered with another Apple product"
"I'm stopping in"
To say that he will be missed, does not even begin to describe how we feel right now.
A prince amongst men.


  1. To label this turn of events a heartbreaking tragedy is to be guilty of gross understatement.
    I first met Darren when he was known as ‘Bond’ (after his love of a certain cinema hero or for his appreciation of all things Sellotape?), I was a first year foundation student and he was in his final year studying media. I can’t imagine how many busses home I missed whilst sitting in the pub being entertained and educated by that lot, or how many sore heads I could attribute to them for that matter. It seems unfortunate that only in these dire circumstances does the importance and significance of such friendships appear truly obvious.

    Some years later I was to become his colleague and would have to get used to calling him Darren. For me, as a lecturer, being in a room with Darren always held a small amount of intimidation for you understood, in moments, that here was a man all at once more intelligent, quicker of wit and braver in fashion than you. It was impossible to be any less than impressed professionally and charmed personally by Darren.

    To Claire, all of Darren’s family and all of his many friends, my deepest sympathies and love. I feel it is worth saying that the best any of us can hope for in life is to leave the world a better place for our having been in it and on that score Darren, you were truly an inspiration and success.

    I and many many more will miss you greatly.

  2. I am completely stunned, Darren helped me out so much in my final year, especially in my final major projects. The lectures he delivered to us have given me knowledge and inspiration and I can only say that my life is better having met him and he will be missed.

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  4. Darren was a fantastic tutor...he will always be remembered...his inspiration and knowledge will live on throughout us...the people he has helped...he lives in us all and we should never forget that... like those of the teachers who are fortunately still with us throughout all our education...without them we would not challenge the world or develop how we should with an understanding of the world that makes you happy to be on this earth everyday exploring it...thankyou darren you were one of those teachers and we appreciate the guidance you gave us xx