Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Starting to Take Shape (Two Days to Go)

Yesterday we took a
very large pile of very large card to a local printer who had kindly agreed to guillotine it to A3 for us. Today we went to pick it up...

The printers is just round the corner from here

which makes the best sandwiches in town.

So we 'treated' ourselves to these handsome fellows (crab and prawn)...

12.15pm: Peart & Millington (both 33) a.k.a. 'The Sandwich Twins'

1.30pm: The men in suits who meet on our roof dropped by. They usually number at least four, are smartly dressed and carry clipboards. We think they have something to do with MI5.

2.00pm: Mike (21) with one of his classic mimes. This one is called 'Invisible Balloon'. It's quite similar to his equally impressive 'Falcon on the Loose'.

3.55pm: Jim lends a hand but he's rubbish and Abi shows him the red card.

Petra (21) is actually a Year 2 student but once you have a step ladder world domination is only a short step away...

5.15pm: Petra thanks 'the troops' and tells them which small country they will be invading tomorrow.


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