Monday, 6 June 2011

We Like These V (The Mighty Power Trio)

Let's face it, you don't need more than three people on stage to create a pleasing rock 'n' roll racket. There's something wonderfully uncomplicated and dynamic about bass, guitar and drums. The greatest trios also have a tendency to create music that sounds as if there are twice as many people on stage as there actually are.

Here are three of our favourites (one each from the 80's, 90's and 00's) but you might also like to sample: Nirvana; The Jimmy Hendrix Experience; Motorhead; Sleater-Kinney; The Jam; The Minutemen; The Police; Placebo; Dinosaur Jr.; ZZ Top (pronounced Zed Zed); Sebadoh; Sugar; Babes in Toyland; Johnny Foreigner; Green Day; Rush etc.

HEALTH WARNING: experimenting with power-trios could lead to 'Muse' - you have been warned.

No1. Husker Du (1979-1987)
Two of the greatest songwriters of their generation in the same three-piece - what were the chances of that happening? The road to The Pixies and ultimately Nirvana starts here...

No.2 The Kitchens of Distinction (1986-1996)
No keyboards were used in the making of this song. Overtly political and with an openly gay front man, only the critics liked them at the time. One of the greatest 'lost' bands of the 1990's.

No.3 The Joy Formidable (2007-Present) Our standout band at The Big Weekend. This Welsh trio actually look to be having a great time on stage.
Miserable young bands please take note, scowling or having yourselves photographed in black and white against a snowy landscape does not make you cool and/or deep and interesting.


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