Wednesday, 5 October 2011

The end of an era. Erm (the movie) finally retires.

Our open day on Saturday marked the end of an era - the final time our outtake movie 'Erm' will ever be shown in public as part of Grillust(TM) promotional activities.

Once we'd wiped away the collective tear from our eye (Grillust is a sensitive beast) we wondered what we should do with it?.. Press the delete button and reuse the pixels for a mouth-watering piece of editorial design? No! Never!

It struck us, that like most other pieces of digital fluff that have passed their sell-by date, it could look forward to a happy and peaceful retirement in the land of YouTube. Here in that 'care home of video' it can look forward to finally finding the audience it deserves and enjoying a long, carefree dotage.

Erm - you have served us well.

1 comment:

  1. Haha, I remember the first time this video was played in the studio, it was hilarious! I still have it posted on Youtube too!