Monday, 17 October 2011

Noma Bar and Others

We thought we'd celebrate the striking and very witty visual images of Noma Bar. The Israel born illustrator/graphic artist has an uncanny knack of being able to distill often complex subject matter into simple, appropriate graphic statements.

Red Riding Hood

Final Cut

Power to the Individual

Fatal Attraction

Shy Guy

Tea for Two
It is clear that Noma is presenting a contemporary take on the working methods of that great Japanese designer Shiego Fukuda who sadly died in 2009. For comparison, here are some of Fukuda's greatest graphic hits:

Although Bar's images are digital it is interesting to note that Fukuda had little interest in the computer saying, "I want to go on thinking what creation is without computers. I believe there is a whole world out there which needs to be thought about. When I start work on a job, first I wash my hands with soap. Then I sharpen ten or more pencils. I do not use a computer. My ideas appeal to the visual sense and I use the computer within my own brain."

Another master of visual tricks and optical illusions was the old school illustrator Peter Brookes - you can see a lot of his work in the book 'The Art of the Radio Times' which is where most of these images come from:

Of course, looming large over all of this is the work of one man, a man who's working philosophy was 'Maximum Meaning, Minimum Means', a certain Mr. Abram Games...


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