Monday, 24 October 2011

Ever wanted your very own font?

Well now you can have it, without the need to get your head around Fontographer.

Fontifier is a website that allows you to create a digital font by simply filling in, and then uploading, a template. You could create a script font based upon your handwriting/hand lettering or, if you want to keep things digital, you could adapt an existing font to fit your your own exacting needs. All you need is some imagination, 9$ and a PayPal account.

Grillust would undoubtedly use Fontifier to re-draw the rubbish tail on the uppercase R in Futura.
It is a little known fact that Paul Renner (Futura's designer) had intended to attach the tail to the bowl approximately 2mm to the East of its present location. However, while making the master drawing for this letter in his Bauhaus studio, Renner's elbow was accidentally knocked by Johannes Itten as he enthusiastically indulged in a bout of arm wrestling with Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius! Crazy times...

The R from Futura yesterday - it's not an R it's a P in disguise!


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