Thursday, 24 May 2012

GRILLUST™ Releases It's First Long Playing Record


The GRILLUST™ team are proud to announce the release of Upperby Road, their first long-playing, 12" phonographic disc.

It contains 10, self-penned, toe-tapping numbers and is released on GRILLUST'S™ own Apple Crumble label.

Here's the track listing in full (all songs by Davies,Millington,Peart,Robinson,Bell,Garnett-Scott,Dodds,McCartney):

Side One:
When I'm 33
You Never Give Me Your Crumble 
Fool on the Fell
Maxwell's Digital Arts Class
All You Need is Leading
Side Two:
While My Ukulele Gently Creaks
Why Don't We Do It In the Refectory?
Happiness is a Warm Bowl of Soup
She Came in Through the Studio Door
Pantone Yellow (109 C) Submarine

Upperby Road is not available for digital download.


  1. Possible single and B-side?...
    I've just seen a Typeface
    Composition Together