Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Here's Your Invite to the End of Year Exhibition

While we're talking about the exhibition we thought we'd give you all an official invitation (don't mention it, you're welcome), so here's your very own private view invite:

And here's the accompanying poster...

These eye-catching numbers, designed by Mica Connelly (21) of Year 3 Graphic Design were judged the winners of an Exhibition Poster competition open to all students.

Winning not only allows Mica to see her work go to print and ultimately be displayed on notice boards near and far, most importantly she receives a reward for her efforts.

What reward could it be we hear you ask? Book vouchers, art materials, hard cash?

As GRILLUST™ is fiercely proud of its Cumbrian homeland we decided to give Mica a suitably Cumbrian reward; her own weight in Kendal Mint Cake!

PS We will never reveal how many bars that was.

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  1. I got my prospectus today!!!!! :D :D soooo excited! <3