Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kevin Roberts (CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi) Pays Us a Visit

Last Friday our students enjoyed a guest lecture from Kevin Roberts, worldwide CEO (or, as Kevin puts it, 'Chief Excitement Officer') of the world's most famous advertising agency, Saatchi & Saatchi.
Kevin says "Hi" to his audience

For such a larger than life personality the lecture and its execution were appropriately dynamic. The visit was timed with military precision (a technical support team preparing the ground in advance) with Kevin arriving on campus a minute before the published start time of 1.30. Sadly this left no opportunity to allow him to sample our legendary crumble...

Kevin is officially greeted by event organiser
Zoe Garnett-Scott. Please note: Zoe's pose is the result
of Kevin's massively charismatic hand shake - she's
not laughing at his Manchester City top.

Kevin's lecture was a customised version of his 'Winning in the Age of Now' speech and you can read a synopsis of it here

His message of 'social capitalism', positivity, pro activity and global thinking was liberally scattered with buzzwords and phrases like 'screenager' and 'the abominable no man'. Kevin also showed lots of Saatchi TV ads from around the globe (see below).

It's difficult to describe a Kevin Roberts lecture without resorting to similes like 'force of nature' or 'whirlwind'. With his machine-gun delivery, opinionated stance and strong empathy with his audience, he's part evangelist, part stand-up comedian and part CEO of a worldwide creative ad agency. Here's a short sample...

Year 3 student Dylan Sewell (21) summed it up neatly when he was overheard saying; "I'm so inspired I'm going to have to lie down!"

 The lecture was enthusiastically received by a packed house of our students and we'd all like to thank Kevin for an unforgettable afternoon.

The many, many faces of Kevin Roberts


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