Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Studio Randoms

All photos taken on Monday 13 February 2017

Illustration student being given a masterclass in scanning textures and drawings by charismatic Illustration tutor Mr. Dwayne Bell (33)

 Extra texture!

 Students, like police officers are getting younger. These whippersnappers are from the local FE college, here on a taster day.

 Busy, busy.

 Year 2 Illustration student Rebecca with her faithful tin of vegetable soup.

 The Year 1 typography masterclasses continue...

We've got Year 2 Graphic Design students working on a project with a local brewery. Charismatic programme leader, Jim Millington (33) was particularly keen to see this one happen.

 Branding beer.

 Once scanned and extracted in Photoshop, the illustrators played with their textures.

 As a treat, Dwayne showed everyone how to do 'the vogue' like famous pop-princess Madonna (33)

Feedback on the beer bottle branding


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