Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The First Year Students do 'Hardcore' Typography!

The first years have just completed the first of what will be two, in-depth inductions, to the technical and precise world of quality typography. The feedback sessions on Friday kicked off with a typography test, designed to test their growing expertise, conducted by our very own Rhiannon Robinson (33) a.k.a. The Typographer Royal.

 "What's the hole in a letter called?" muses Becky (21) - N.B. It's called a counter...

H.R.H.T.T.R. reveals the answers to an eager audience. Eager because prizes were on offer to the day's top performers!

Jasmine (21) the day's top performer (in both the typography and copy test) clutching her TWO!!! prizes. No expense was spent in obtaining these bars of quality Aldi chocolate.

As always, we design on paper before working on the Macs...

...producing various alternative designs...

 ...before presenting the final pieces.

 Here's Isabel (21) victor in the afternoon type test.

 Rhiannon explains where all the typographic and punctuation errors are to the afternoon group.

 More carefully considered typography from the afternoon group.

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