Wednesday, 8 February 2017

The First Years are Introduced to 'Hardcore' Typography

The Typographer Royal (with full regalia) dispenses words of wisdom to Lucie and Rachel (both 21)

It's that time of year when The University of Cumbria's very own Typographer Royal, H.R.H. Rhiannon Robinson, spends a lot of quality time with our first year students.

Rhiannon was crowned Typographer Royal by our very own queen, H.R.H Elizabeth II, in an elaborate ceremony, held in Typographers Hall (City of London) in June 1990. The position ofTypographer Royal is not to be underestimated and Rhiannon takes her official duties very seriously.Her role behooves her to undertake the following:

  1. Banish poor letter spacing, leading and tracking from all four corners of the kingdom
  2. Seek out and destroy all 'widows' and 'orphans' in documents near and far
  3. Challenge all developers of Microsoft Word Art to single, mortal combat
  4. Round-up, imprison in Newgate and finally hang by the neck until dead, all look-alike, generic fonts and that evil malefactor, known to the wider population as 'Comic Sans'
  5. Teach kick-arse typography skills to students of The University of Cumbria
Quality time with H.R.H.T.T.R.

We design on paper first and then make it look sexy on the Mac.

Check back in a week or so to see the finished work...


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