Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Funhouse Exhibition Private View - Friday 2 June

 Come inside, come inside...

 VIPs and industry professionals had a special early event

 Becky (21) explaining why she dressed Donald as a clown

 Leanne (21) colour coordinates with her work

Caitlin Quinn (21) tinkles the ivories...

 Tash (21) talking (probably)

Here's Grillust's very own Jim and Rhiannon (33) talking to Jason Hill (also 33) of the Eden Brewery 

 Getting busy

Here's Bronte (21) talking to guests in the exhibition shop. I don't think Bronte saw us when we took this snap.

 Danielle, Guthers and Chloe (21 X 3) manning and womanning the bar

 Back in Black - Tash (21) with mum (33) and gran (33)

 Getting even busier

 It was lovely to see a crop of last year's graduates: Rhian, Megan and Ben (all 33)

One of the people in this picture is also featured in the illustration - can you guess which one?

 Here's Bronagh from Year 2 having a good 'ratch' through a portfolio

Where's Wally?


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