Friday, 16 June 2017

Grillust Artists in Residence Exhibition 2017

For a year now we've been sharing our studio with three of our excellent Graduates of 2016 - illustrator Miss Maddy Mould, graphic designer Master Vincent Walden and illustrator/force of nature Miss Katie Lock (all 33) who collectively comprise our Artists in Residence.

It's been a pleasure hosting them (they've been no trouble and all) and they plan to leave with a bang well, actually an exhibition. Here's what Katie has to tell you:

Being offered our artists in residency within Grillust has given us an invaluable space for us to find
our feet after graduating university, making transitioning out of education a much more relaxed,
enjoyable process. Access to workshops and reprographics along side studio space has helped
continue our shared and personal creative paths which has only but developed assuredly over the
past year. Whilst a lot of graduates end up working out of their bedroom, this has been a
very unique and significant venture!

We will be displaying a collection of our individual and group artwork at a local exhibition -
“F R E S H” at The Galley in Atlas Works. A multitude of mediums and manifestations will be
displaying across ourselves as well as alongside other Carlisle based creatives. The opening night
is set to be a sparkling event (Saturday 24th June) and the exhibition will be open for the following week.

For more information please contact

Katie Lock

Maddy Mould

Vincent Walden