Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Beards are almost synonymous with quality design. Look at just how many famous designers we found sporting 'face fungus' after 35 minutes of intensive searching.

Top Row: Eric Gill, Danny (from out of Experimental Jet Set), Neville Brody, Vince Frost
Bottom Row: Abbot Miller, Kit Hinrichs, Mark Farrow, Billy Gibbons

Almost all of us love a good beard (Ashleigh you may want to look away now) so we thought we would conduct a census capturing the current state of beards in the studio. We've helpfully categorised them according to style, ambition and friction. Here are our findings.

Category 1 - Some care and attention must have gone into that...

Stephen Arthur (Year 2 Illustration) with 'Cancel Christmas!'

Robert Marshall (Year 1 Illustration) with 'Fuzzy Felt'

Sam Fisher (Year 2 Graphic Design) with 'Ghostly Apparition'

Lewis Brown (Year 3 Graphic Design) with 'Furry Archipelago'

James Howie (Year 2 Graphic Design) with 'Rectangular Thicket'

Gary Nicholson (Year 2 Graphic Design) with 'Titian Tiger'

Dwayne Bell (33) with 'Stipple and Crosshatch'

Category 2 - Beard Envy

Leanne Swift
(Year 3 Graphic Design) with 'Interstate Flyover'

Grace Neal
(Year 2 Graphic Design) with 'Mutton Chop Frenzy'

Rhiannon Robinson (33) with Grotesque Accident Extra Bold

Category 3 - Couldn't be Arsed to Shave

Jim Millington (33) with 'Grizzly Adams'

Tony Peart (33) with '3rd Degree Carpet Burns'

Category 4 - Sites of Special Scientific Interest

Craig Brown (Year 3 Graphic Design) with 'Mato Grosso'


  1. You guys have some serious competition now.

    Germany have gone and beaten you down....

    I for one want to see some of those next year (as long as they don't touch me, ergh)!!

  2. where can I print the grillust beard?

  3. Dear Little Miss

    Go here:

    and either print it on your own ink-jet or right click and save it for posterity. You can then print it on someone elses ink-jet!