Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Feeling Left Out?

Have our wonderful beards provoked deep seated feelings of beard envy?

Are you unable to 'grow your own'?

Could you be a woman?

Perhaps you are under sixteen?

Well there's no longer any need to feel left out! Now everyone can have their very own beard just like the one sported by our very own Type Supremo, Rhiannon Robinson (33).

print the sheet below onto a medium weight card. Glossy, satin, matt? Hey, that's your choice!

Carefully remove all non beard parts with a brass-handled Swann-Morton craft knife (using No. 1 blades)
, attach string and 'hey presto' you're ready to roll!

There's no need to thank us, just send photos of you and your new beard in action to the usual address.


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