Monday, 4 April 2011

Workspaces of the Staff and Students (III)

Welcome to my world...

Michael Tailford (21)
'Mike' as in Michael 'Mike' Tailford
Team Position:
Defender (Left Back)
Southeastern corner of the ground floor

Further Details:
Mike's a man of the people. Not for him the rarefied atmosphere of the balcony (where most third years are based). This corner fulfills all of Mike's illustration needs featuring as it does lots of wall and table space on which he can display not only his work in progress, but also his impressive collection of 1970's fashion watch (so far he only has the one).
The corner was uniquely customised as a pirate vessel some time ago by a group of students who have since moved on. Mike poignantly states, "The others abandoned ship but I'm the Captain and I had to stay behind. Although it used to be a Pirate ship in now feels more like a shipwreck"...

Mike's corner certainly has the feel of a 'proper' artists' studio, with palettes, paints, sketchbooks and ironing boards?
all jostling for place in this small but perfectly formed tribute to the 'Bohemian' in our relatively Hi-Tec studio. It may look a little messy (he hates to throw things away) but Mike knows where everything is and what it's for.

Key to photo:

  1. Ironing board and collapsible chair (both essential tools of the illustrator)
  2. Left wall of alcove (just above the ironing board) - thumbnails and colour studies
  3. The cow that looks a bit like Hitler (alcove)
  4. Air-con baffle (a custom made Tailford production to stop him getting a stiff neck)
  5. The same wall a week later (an ever-changing, visually stimulating landscape)
  6. Masking tape recycling centre (Mike comes from farming stock and this is his equivalent of 'bailer twine' resourcefulness)
  7. Humorous wall piece ("It's not mine!")
  8. Gorgeous 1970's fashion watch ('It's mine!')

Mike on hearing who will be judging the new series of 'Britain's Got Talent'.


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