Monday, 4 April 2011

Year 1 After Effects Animations

We are keen to allow our students to creatively exploit the wonders of designing/illustrating for the world of 'moving image' (TV, Film, Web, Animation etc.).

The journey starts in Year 1 with the students being given an induction into the use of Adobe After Effects. The project we set this Year (to be realised while they were doing there technical induction) was based upon using typefaces to illustrate a short journey between to states
(eg. aloof to amorous).

They were asked to choose one from eight of the journeys described on the project brief and allowed a maximum of 20 seconds in which to illustrate it.

Here are some of the best:

Dave Wharton (21) - Year 1 Illustration

George Hurdle (21) - Year 1 Graphic Design

Davey Rees (21) - Year 1 Graphic Design

Katy Thew-Thwaites (21) - Year 1 Illustration

Appie Carr (21) - Year 1 Graphic Design

Isaac Hammond (21) - Year 1 Graphic Design


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