Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Don't Panic Posters. Vote Now.

Apparently, often imitated but never bested, the Don't Panic Pack has been an icon of counterculture since its inception at the turn of the millennium.

Stocked in select bars, art spaces, record stores, fashion outlets and universities, and distributed by hand outside cutting-edge gigs, club events and festivals, the pack is one of the UK's most popular and widespread free lifestyle print publications.

Don't Panic posters are given away free inside the pack and classic posters are available to buy through this site. Posters are designed by emerging artistic talent and established masters of the arts.

We have two prospects in the latest competition who deserve your vote.

Firstly this cheeky number from skate supremo Dylan Sewell (21) - cast your vote here.

And this cool cat from Sam Fisher (21). Vote for Sam's design here

You, your Mum, your dog, your friends, etc. only have 12 days left to cast a vote! By the power of Grillust™, let Dylan or Sam win


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