Friday, 2 March 2012


The Words by the Water literary festival provides a great opportunity for our students to take a job through right through to print. Once again, the festival publication 'Watermark' was produced by a small collaborative team of graphic design and journalism students; and is printed, web offset, in Carlisle by CN Print.

Our team bucked national student trends by rising extra early to attend the printing of their work, scheduled for silly o'clock this morning. Before the day had properly dawned they had climbed down from their treetop nests, groomed, had a banana and trooped 'en mass' to CN Print.

Their anticipation was feverish. There was much jumping-on-the-spot, tea drinking, mutual grooming, hoots of excitement, ink-tasting and teeth baring.

Job printed and press winding down, the printers tells us they were "astounded" at the speed at which the (by now) over-stimulated students' fashioned rudimentary tools which they used to ingeniously strip the presses of the plates. They then rampaged around the press room, bouncing off walls, screaming and screeching with delight, until they were let out.

Fortunately there was no real damage done and CN Print should be back to full production sometime next week.

3rd year Graphics students; Mica Connelly, Sarah Gill and The Shrewsbury Biscuit (all 21) with souvenir plates from their first 'proper' print job.


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