Monday, 12 March 2012

Degrees of Sticky

You can read about the history of this project and see what last year's first years made of it here.

Each student receives a different subject
and is then asked to create a scale of difference exploiting both words and images, developing their ideas into a final A3 design.

The project is all about having opinions and being clear about what you want to say. Like good observational comedy it is also about creatively exploiting 'truths'.

Here are a few of the best...

Ami Swift (21) with Degrees of Hairdryers

Emma Liles (21) with Degrees of Teenage Rebellion

Debbie Nixon (21) with Degrees of Refrigerators

Lee Lund (21) with Degrees of Lateness

Ruth Fogeden (21) with Degrees of Shoplifting

Jen Sproat (21) with Degrees of Doctor's Waiting Rooms
(you'll need to enlarge this one to appreciate it in its full glory)

Adam Norfolk (21) with Degrees of Skiing

Emma Hodgson (21) with
Degrees of Motion Sickness


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