Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Degrees of Sticky

This first year project evolved during a conversation between Rhiannon Robinson (33) and Tony Peart (33). The tutors were reminiscing about how sticky the floors in student houses (especially kitchens) can become. However they were having trouble finding the words to describe the difference between the light Velcro-like qualities of a slightly tacky wool-nylon mix and the superglue-like nature of fat smeared vinyl tiles. The need for both language and visuals became apparent if the full experience was to be graphically communicated. This is exactly the strategy used to communicate the Beaufort Scale of wind strength.

We ask the students to define and describe a scale of degrees of difference on a wide variety of subjects. We've already featured
Davey Rees' take on pirates. Here are a couple more. Rob Marshall (21) was asked to explore Quiz Show Contestants and came up with two
different ideas. Our Rob is a bit of a 'potty mouth' (he's from Nottingham) so readers of a nervous disposition are advised not to look at the full size images as you will see some 'effing' and 'jeffing'. However, you may be pleased to know that we have washed his mouth out with soap and he promises never to do it again.

James Bradley (21) has lovely manners as he comes from lovely Shropshire. He was given the subject Invisibility and as you will be relieved to see, the language of the gutter is not for him (although a couple of 'pervy' scenarios are...)

Fionn Jordan (21) is always polite and helpful. Unlike Robert he would never sully his mouth with rudey words. His subject was degrees of ladies' hair.


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