Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Apples of Victory

Wizened hacks amongst you might just remember the frisson of excitement at seeing your first ‘proper’ job successfully back from the printers.

Well, today two of our students, Colin Teevan (21) and Leanne Swift (21), have tasted that taste. And that taste is, apparently, the taste of apples!

The 'Words on the Water' literary festival provided a perfect opportunity for Colin and Leanne to ladle their special Hollandaise Sauce of design over the tasty Poached Eggs of creative writing and journalism, to create a very special and luscious Eggs Benedict called 'Watermark'!

"Colin and Leanne were excellent with the Watermark publication. Professional, assured, totally responsible and committed to quality. They have clearly been well schooled and worked marvellously well with Jess the student editor."

Tony Randall - Programme Leader BA(Hons) Journalism

"May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your first publication. You have put together a very nice publication, including producing the required page templates which you put together with ease, in a very professional manner.
I trust when printed it matches your expectations, and I'm sure it will go down well with your intended readers."

Shaun Cape - Imaging Manager, Cumbrian Newsprint.

A big well done! to Colin and Leanne. Enjoy those victory apples!


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