Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Where Are They Now? (III) - Chris Hunt

Chris Hunt graduated in 2006 with itchy feet and a desire for slightly warmer climes...

After graduation he moved to Dubai, working for The Image Works (events and exhibitions) on projects for 3 months.

Chris with his first Art Director and a man in a white shirt.
Missing the foggy mornings of his homeland he moved back to the UK and looking for work as a junior designer, he was drawn to Edinburgh, home to a rather fine 'dreich' sea fret.
Here he found employment with One World Design (branding) and worked there for 8 months. The 'gossamer' quality of Scottish Sea mist proved unfulfilling and Chris began to pine for fog of greater opacity...

Edinburgh fog yesterday.
This explains his return to Carlisle to work with Paul Smith at PS Creative Design (branding). Paul is now called The Brand Group. A year later he was on the move again, continuing his ongoing quest for meteorological nirvana. Hearing that true 'pea souper' fogs were still preserved in Leeds, Chris moved there with haste, securing a position with Totality (branding/packaging).
He enjoyed the wide range of fogs and mists that Yorkshire has to offer for 18 months before ironically, he began to pine for the clear blue sky and uninterrupted sun that only Dubai could provide. Leaving these shores with only T-shirt, shades, shorts and flip flops Chris secured a job with Action Impact (events and exhibitions) after seven months Chris' fog withdrawal symptoms became so extreme he moved back to UK and set himself up freelancing. There is a certain irony to the fact that after only 4 months in the UK Chris was offered his current job with world famous advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather in their Dubai office... Once more he has returned to the land of skyscrapers and camels.

To overcome his sporadic bouts of 'fog sickness' Chris has developed the unique ability to create his own 'chest fog'. Within hours he can create a 3m high veil of fog that is up to 5km in diameter! This amazing skill came to the attention of the Dubai Royal family who now employ Chris to create a National Fog Day, annually on November 8th (the birth date of Captain James William Newton, inventor of the foghorn).

The master at work - the humble beginnings of a mighty 'chest fog'. Dubai, November 8th.
The fact that the people of Dubai now have a second form of weather to experience (the typical climate being extremely hot, windy and dry, with an average high around 40 °C) has led to national rejoicing and celebration. This has resulted in the approval rating of the Royal Family never being higher and in return they have expressed their eternal gratitude to Chris by designating one of the newly constructed Dubai World Islands 'Chris Hunt Isle'.

Chris Hunt Isle (just off the coast of 'Greenland'). The World Archipelago, Dubai.
Well done Chris your place in design history is assured and tourists can now frolic on your face!

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  1. "Chris Hunt Isle" - isn't that what Germans say to each other after they have sneezed?