Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Fionn Jordan - Hurdy Gurdy Man

What the ukulele is to Whitehaven, so is the mighty Hurdy Gurdy to Barrow-in-Furness (and surrounding villages).

Too complicated to contemplate, the mighty Hurdy Gurdy... This one was made by Barrow resident Phillipe Mousnier

Although born in France, Phillipe Mousnier has been embraced by the people of Barrow and is known locally as 'Hurdy Phil'

Fionn's Barrow Hurdy Gurdy in all its Viking splendour

The beast on its back... The electric socket is used for charging small electrical items during play

This loud and quite frightening instrument first came to this remote (and formally quiet) part of Cumbria with Viking rading parties in the ninth century. The Vikings eventually stayed and so too did the profession of Hurdy Gurdy Crafter. The proud tradition continues to this day with Barrow being known around the globe for both its world-class nuclear submarines and also for the manufacture of world-beating Hurdy Gurdys!

A larger, sea-going Hurdy Gurdy photographed in Barrow dock yesterday

First year illustration student Fionn Jordan (21) was immersed in all things Hurdy Gurdy from an early age (he's from nearby Flookburgh) and kindly offered to show us his Hurdy Gurdy. As you will appreciate this is an offer we just couldn't resist so, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls we proudly present...

Fionn Jordan - Hurdy Gurdy Man.


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