Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Where Are They Now? (IV) - David Lawton

After leaving Cumbria in 2004, David spent the summer temping whilst looking for a permanent design job.

Some of David's ISTD Award Winning Work

David's graduation show photo, June 2004.

Sorry there's been an error here - surely this is John Shuttleworth not David Lawton?
That's better -
David's graduation show photo, June 2004.
After looking in the usual places, he came across a vacancy at Cambridge University Press on the Guardian website. Being a massive fan of the Inspector Morse murder mysteries, David applied for and succeeded in obtaining the job 6 months after leaving university. His job was concept designer within the English Language Teaching dept. (people learning English as a foreign language). This entailed concept designs for new coursebooks and teaching materials and most of the new book jacket work that was required - as well as dispensing design advice to anyone who wanted it within the dept! He joined in November 2004 and stayed for just under 5 years, leaving in October 2009 to go freelance. Coincidentally this was the year he discovered that Inspector Morse was actually filmed in Oxford.

Oxford and/or Cambridge yesterday

He still lives in Cambridge and effectively still works mainly for the press, though now he's able to work across the entire company, doing stuff for marketing, more packaging design, typesetting entire books and even dabbling with the odd bible! (he's about to start re-packaging work for the main suite of Cambridge bibles). Far more freedom, far more design work and far less company bureaucracy -you can't beat being your own boss!

A bible yesterday

Away from the press, he also has a good relationship with Nexus Publishing (also based in Cambridge) and works regularly on their magazines and books. He's currently producing material for The Commonwealth Yearbook 2011 and Global Magazine, a quarterly briefing on global affairs and Ban Ki Moon's favourite read!

It is a little known fact that David is the world's biggest fan of the band Sparks. Kimono My House is his favourite album and Ron and Russell Mael are close personal friends. Sadly unconditional fan worship can take it's toll and the vicious critical mauling handed out to the Mael brothers album Balls (released in 2000) saw the colour quite literally drain from David's world. This is still evidenced graphically by the recent photo we asked him to send.

David Lawton yesterday

Sorry that's Gary Numan!

David Lawton yesterday

David's other claim to Design Immortality (along with co-conspirator Jonathan Henton) is the creation of the lovingly crafted and frighteningly believable spoof website Fife Design. Followers of this blog will be pleased to note that Carlisle sits at the very heart of the Design Triangle.

The Design Triangle yesterday
To quote from the Fife Design website 'The Design Triangle is an area of Northern England and Scotland that contains over 90% of the UK's leading design agencies. All graphic design students completing their studies initially look to work within this area, such is its prestige.'


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