Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Breaking News: Illustrators 'May' Have Been Exploited!

In a previous post we stated that the studio looked a 'little like a bicycle repair workshop' and went on to explain that an elaborate still-life had been assembled for Illustration students.

It now seems likely that we may need to rephrase that to simply 'bicycle repair workshop' and that some exploitation of these students may well have taken place.
Doubts were initially raised when the following flyer came to light:

The flyer that set alarm bells ringing.

After extensive interviews with the illustration students it became clear that charismatic Captain Simon Davies (33) Programme Leader of Graphic Design & Illustration
has an unorthodox and suspiciously 'thorough' approach to the teaching of drawing. "He called us all together on Monday morning and explained that to understand something thoroughly we had to be able to strip it down and then put it back together" said Year 2 Illustration student Louise Hubbard (21). "Yes", went on Loren Harrison (21), "even the tyres had to be repaired and axles greased, it was all very thorough."

Captain Davies declined to be drawn on the matter, simply stating that the presence of Claire Wood (21) an ex-Sturmey-Archer employee and Stephen Arthur (21) a former Brooks Saddles chief upholsterer in his illustration group was merely 'coincidental'. He also refused to speculate on the large numbers of 'general public' leaving their cycles outside the studio door each morning and then returning to collect them in the evening.

Investigations continue...


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