Monday, 14 March 2011

Cumbria Band Names™ (Edition IV)

Assessment Point - Friday 11 March

Only two this time....

Death by Walnut
A two-piece timber obsessed band, you will originate from Kendal (Cumbria) but re-locate to Brighton. You love to surround yourselves (when onstage) with the earth's most versatile building material (wood). Lead-singer 'Woody' Wood-Woodward multi-tasks on woodwind and band-saw. Other band member Douglas Fir plays marimba and circular saw. A typical one hour performance will result in the production of a 'nice' dining table and/or kitchen unit.

You are not at all like
this lot who also love wood (with foliage), come from Kendal and re-located to Brighton.

The Knitted Bomb

Eight-piece avant-garde percussion group. You explore the rhythmic and sonic possibilities of knitting needles, sewing machines, crochet hooks, looms and knitting machines.
Your early concerts saw the stage quickly filled with a dangerous mix of jumpers, toilet roll cosies, tank-tops, scarves and balaclavas. Sadly you have now abandoned wool for 'health and safety reasons' but the 'clicking' goes on.


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