Monday, 28 March 2011

Year 1 - Product Names Project

The first year students have been exploring the power and use of language as a central element of effective visual communication. One project asked them to come up with brand names and visual identities for a range of products new to the market. The list included:
  • new antique furniture
  • wooden mattresses
  • thermal Y-fronts
  • wool burning stoves
  • mirrors that make you look thin
  • fizzy yoghurt
Working in teams of two, the students bounced ideas off one another and helped each other refine, edit and focus their visual solutions. The difficulty wasn't coming up with a clever name, but lay in designing a believable 'look' for their logo/mark. Target markets/audiences had to be clearly identified before the design process took place. Here's a selection of them:

Louise Mothersdale & Lauren Griffin - Cuboid Eggs

Fionn Jordan & Matthew Swales - Breakfast Cereal made from Coal

Yvette Earl & Ben Walton - Breakfast Cereal made from Coal

Ieva Bureikaite & Kerry Heaney - Sarcastic Sat-navs

Ben Jackson & John Rutland - Cuboid Eggs

Louise Mothersdale & Lauren Griffin - Portable Anvils

Ben Jackson & John Rutland - Mirrors that Make You Look Thin

Ieva Bureikaite & Kerry Heaney - Self-cleaning Dustbins

Jade Wall & Stephanie Stilwell - Bras for Men

Fionn Jordan & Matthew Swales - Radioactive Hair Dye

Fionn Jordan & Matthew Swales - Radioactive Hair Dye


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