Monday, 21 March 2011

Howie's Hair

Tonsorially ambitious Year 2 Graphic Design student James Howie (21) has featured on this blog before... He has also been mooted as a possible contender for studio hair domination. Until today we hadn't quite appreciated James' true potential as he tended to hide his light under a bushel or, in his case, his locks under a woolly hat. Today that all changed as a very impressive mohican was unleashed on an unsuspecting audience.

However, before we get carried away in heaping to much praise on James' attempt to achieve vertical immortality the question must be posed - on the grand scale, just how high is James Howie's hair?
Here's the answer.

As can be clearly seen James' effort 'whoops' a typical cockerel and old school punk. However he still lags behind both Martin Degville from out of the band Sigue Sigue Sputnik and a typical 'new' old school punk...

Still some way to go then, but at least he is making the effort and it has to be said, this is a very impressive start.


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