Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Dylan's Hair

Dylan's hair is a thing of legend around these parts...

The Year 2 Graphic Design student is blessed with some of the most sculptural 'locks' known to humanity. We would even go so far as to concede that his hair brings constant variety to our studio. Not a day goes by without it finding a new, culturally relevant and dynamic arrangement (even when partially concealed by a wide range of head wear).

Dylan's hair has many talents, including defying the laws of physics and shape-shifting (to suit both occasion and mood) and to celebrate this ability we are running a small competition...

We asked Dylan's hair to impersonate a well known thing. To stand a chance of winning, you must correctly identify which of the following statements is true.

I think Dylan's hair looks like:

A. a forest fire

B. a Rowntree's Walnut Whip (sans walnut)

C. the Indian subcontinent (rotated through 180 degrees)

D. something that would be of interest to physicists

Answers must be returned by Friday 4th February.

Only answers written on hair will be considered by our judge (Nicky Clarke).

1 comment:

  1. Dylan's hair is good, but James Howie's hair is incredibly underappreciated in the studio.