Monday, 21 February 2011

Whitehaven Winners!

Graphic Design lecturer Zoe Garnett-Scott (33) loves her native West Cumbria and spends much of her time promoting and celebrating all things West Cumbrian (Gurning, Crab Fairs, It Bites, and the world famous Whitehaven Ukulele Industry etc.) Recently she organised an Artists' Book competition open to art students of West Cumbria schools, with a project brief that asked them to explore and celebrate the unique character of their region. Zoe also managed to obtain sponsorship (in the form of lovely prizes) from many local businesses.

Now on to the winners...

We are pleased to announce that students from the Year 12 Art Class of Whitehaven School made it a clean sweep when it came to the prizes. Way-to-go Whitehaven School!
The winning students are pictured below with their beloved art teacher,
Ms. Naomi Chicken.

The prize winners were Abigail Pearson (1st Prize – Sketching Set donated by Derwent Pencils)

Amy Watson (2nd Prize
‘Matisse’ book donated by The New Bookshop, Cockermouth)

Runners up prizes went to Nichola Tyson (£10 Voucher donated by The Art Shop, Cockermouth) and Emily Edgar (‘The Painted Letters of Percy Kelly’ book donated by Castlegate House Gallery, Cockermouth).

Thanks and congratulations go to everyone who took part. We really enjoyed looking at your entries.


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