Friday, 18 February 2011

Art Direction. Fnurk!


As our blog regulars will appreciate, we have short attention spans. Like two-year olds.

Like two-year olds, this inevitably leads to us getting grumpy and irritable when we're not fully occupied and entertained. So, we like to have lots of fun, usually at the expense of our long suffering student cohort.

This sometimes involves complex planning of infantile prankery. At other times they make it all to easy for us as this short video featuring our resident 3rd year stress-meisteress, Leanne Swift (21) proves. Although Leanne looks fairly relaxed on the video, she is now desperately worried about how it will affect her future career. Way-to-go Leanne!

Photo's supplied and art directed by Abi Dowler (21), formerly one of Leanne's closest friends.

Note: Comic Sans used only for the purposes of irony. Of course we encourage you to put the 'Sans' firmly into Comic Sans by signing up Here


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