Thursday, 24 February 2011

Dead Typographers Society

Get clued up with 6 fast facts about...

The Numero Uno Typographer Italiano!


Fast Fact 1:
Often mistaken for?

Alistair Sims

or Rambo (Rambodoni in alpine Italy)

Fast Fact 2.
Born? Saluzzo, Italy in 1740 at 17.40 hrs and weighed 17.40 kgs.

Pictures from Saluzzo, the place of Bodoni's birth...

Fast Fact 3.
Famous for designing?
Bodoni - one of the first modern (Didone) typefaces. He is credited for designing 298 typefaces in his lifetime.

Fast Fact 4.
Bitter rivaly with? the evil french
Didot brothers, famous for designing Didot, one of the first modern (Didone) typefaces.

The Didot Brothers. Pierre (left) contemplates slab serifs while Francois (right) looks on.

Fast fact 5.

His masterwork?
Il Manuale tipografico (The Manual of Typography) was only published after his
death by his widow, Mrs. Bodoni.

Fast Fact 6.
Died? In Palma in 1813, at 18.13 hrs and, after a sudden deathbed conversion to Imperial system of weights and measures, weighed in at an 'extra-bold' 18st 13lbs.


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