Friday, 4 February 2011

Need a Name for Your New Band?

Well look no further*...

Up here at Cumbria we spend a lot of time talking to students about their work. Invariably during these conversations we say things about design and illustration that immediately strike us as also being very good names for bands.

These examples come from a feedback and assessment session with first year students held on Friday 28 January.

Mental Margins of 5 Millimetres

Notes: A Nu Metal band. Four members (male), lots of hair (no faces) and piercings. Guitars tuned down as low as they'll go. Lead singer has issues. Never smile for photographs. Very pointy, demonic logo.
Further advice: Use a few umlauts (you know you want tö).

Why's it Wobbly George?

Notes: Cartoon(ish) Punk Ska. Three members (guitar, bass, bongos). Wear Hawaiian shirts and always gurn/moon for photographs.
Further advice: Your one hit will be rubbish but impossibly (and annoyingly) catchy.

The Turbine Thieves

Notes: Intellectual, bookish types who read English at University. Pretentious song titles. You must have the ability to talk at length about Albert Camus. Gender/sexual orientation irrelevant (the more interesting the better).
Further advice: Your first album will be entitled 'A Dummies Guide to the Nausea of Existence'.

*Cumbria Band Names™ are provided free of charge but please do send us press photos and MP3s of your music.


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