Monday, 21 February 2011

Where Are They Now? (II) - Dan Sutherland

Dan Sutherland graduated in 2005 but his influence is still felt today. This is thanks to the benevolent presence of his 'Menso' in the studio and his Mucha Lucha themed campaign for 3Mobile, proudly displayed outside our studio door (see photos below).

So what's Dan been up to since he graduated?
Well that's just what we asked him...

I had an internship with
Interbrand – working on big stuff from British Airways to Orange.
2005 – 2008
I was a designer with
MTV networks. Creating idents, branding and print design for all of MTV UK’s creative output – Highlights included completely re branding all of MTV channels and also creating and implementing the re brand of MTV’s free view channel TMF. Getting a budget and being told to go away and do what you want, but come up with something creative we can put on air. Socially at MTV I got drunk too much, saw far too many bands, and got a lot of free stuff (sadly none of which came the way of his old tutors).
2005 –Present
Got pretty obsessed and into making Music videos for
Laura Marling, Fanfarlo, Over The Wall and Oceansize

2008 – present
I'm a senior creative at
Red-Design in Brighton. Working on a wide variety of projects for iTunes, The Barbican, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, MTV, Universal Music, Rekids, Sony Music, Nokia.
Highlights include music sleeves for Tommy Sparks, The Noisettes, The Chew Lips. Creating a logo for the new Nokia Loop App, working on some exciting stuff with the Barbican and creating music videos for Motive sounds & Century Media. With Red – I've sat in offices with very cool bands, I've sat in the
Elysee Palace and got to see a few cool gigs.

We asked Dan to send us a recent photograph but he modestly claimed that he "wasn't into full portraits" and sent us this 'arty' effort instead.

Of course we had forgotten that as Dan is one of the most handsomest men in the world, he is forbidden by law, from having his full face featured on the Interweb. This is to avoid the very real possibility of his dashing good looks and devastating smile causing spontaneous combustion (or at the very least, melting) in millions of lovely ladies around the globe.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to us Dan.


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