Thursday, 10 March 2011

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Stalwart of the 20th Century transitional typeface revival, Stanley Morison (one ‘r’) was at his happiest when contriving bracket serifs in the London borough of Harringay. He was devoted to typography, printing and, latterly, the odd single malt. During his later years he was seldom seen without his briar pipe [which he named 'Dreadnought'] and 'baccy pouch full of his beloved rough shag.

Fast Fact 1:
Often mistaken for?

Arthur Askey (see Fast Fact 4, below)

Jim Morrison (two 'r's)

Morrison's (two 'r's again)

Fast Fact 2.
Wanstead, Essex. 1889

Pictures from Wanstead, the land of Morisons' birth...

Fast Fact 3.
Famous for? Designing Times New Roman and Monotype revivals of Baskerville and Bembo

Fast Fact 4.
Bitter rivalry with? Ironically, his doppelganger, Lancashire comedian Arthur Askey.

  • Morison claimed Askey stole his stock composing-room catchphrases “Hello playmates!” and "Ay-Thang-Yaw!”. Interestingly, Askey never borrowed Morison's other well known catchphrase, 'If it don't have a bracket, it jus' don't hack it!'
  • Until his death (see Fast Fact 5, below) Morison was convinced that Queen Mother was actually Askey in drag, a reference to the fact that they were both ‘about the same height'. This was strongly denied by the Palace.
Left to right: The Queen Mother and Arthur Askey

Fast fact 5.

Died? London, 1967. Much to the relief of Arthur Askey and the Queen Mum.


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