Monday, 19 March 2012

Grillust says "Vote for Grace"

Grace Neal (21) a 3rd year Graphic Designer, is campaigning to become the Student Union's Academic Sabbatical and she needs your support. Grace has been a Student Rep for the Graphic Design course for two years and has worked tirelessly on behalf of her fellow students, including helping to save the art materials shop when it came under threat.

This is her manifesto...

Now onto the important stuff.

Please vote for Grace here

Make her your first choice (number 1) and if you vote for any other candidates, make sure they belong to Grace's block called 'The Wanted' (please note that this isn't Grace's block name of choice - she's a naturally modest person).

PS. No money (or cake) changed hands to create this election blog post. We support Grace because we like her and know she will do an excellent job for all her fellow students.




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