Wednesday, 12 September 2012


Move over Instagram there's a new App on the block... Instaguerreotype!

Where Instagram provides instant nostalgia simply with colour, the vastly more powerful algorithms powering Instaguerreotype! provide 'decade-aware' remastering of the entire image. See these images of Sir Bradley Wiggins taken only this morning in Carlisle on Tour-of-Britain Stage 4.

Note how nearly all traces of modern life have been automatically removed to bring those nostalgic memories flooding back; the golden age the transatlantic liners... silent movies... prohibition... jumpers for goal posts... ration books... a life of grinding, menial service... rickets...

'Edwardian PRO' filter: Sir Bradley warms up in the Market Square. Smell the liniment!

'1930's PRO' filter: Sir Bradley sends his man, Cavendish, ahead to see if the French contingent smell of Garlic.

The '1950's Amatuer filter: is ideal for this action shot of Sir Bradley.

'1960's Amatuer filter: A breakaway group, led by Sir Bradley, race to be first to the pop and crisps!

Finally, here's your sneak preview of the '1960's PRO' filter due to ship in the next release later this month.


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