Thursday, 13 September 2012

Sir Bradley Wiggins - the Carlisle Connection

It's a little known fact that two of the most iconic facial adornments in contemporary sport are both sponsored and manufactured by a small, Carlisle craft and haberdashery shop. We are of course referring to Sir Bradley Wiggins' sideburns and that Aladdin's cave of all things fabric, Fun 2 Do.

Sir Brad has been supplied with his sideburns by this Cumbrian retailer since his teenage years and they must rank as his most faithful and long-serving sponsors.

Initially crafted from Fuzzy Felt and attached by means of double sided tape, Sir Brad's burns have certainly moved with the times. Under the supervision of cycling supremo David 'Dave' Brailsford, these iconic attachments are now as high tech as any other piece of cycle racing equipment. Wind tunnel tested, they are crafted from an aerodynamically efficient plush velour (Aeroplush™) and are held in place by quick release velcro.

Since winning the Tour de France, eagle-eyed cycling fans may have noticed a distinct change of colour on Sir Wiggo's cheeks. This is because in celebration of his outstanding victory, Sir Bradley's sideburns are now exclusively fashioned from a specially created new colour, race leader's yellow.

A fitting tribute to a true hero and a great champion. Well done Sir Bradley, Grillust™ salutes you.

Shortly before the start of the Carlisle leg of The Tour of Britain, a clean-shaven Sir Bradley waits nervously for the delivery of his iconic trademarks.

With minutes to go, a sheet of Aeroplush™ is hand delivered by his proud sponsors. Sir Brad breathes a sigh of relief...

Custom-cut by Dave Brailsford on the Team Sky bus (using round-nosed safety scissors) our hero emerges fully dressed and ready to take on the challenges of another day on the road.

Sir Bradley passes the emporium of his faithful Carlisle sponsor as the peloton waves goodbye to The Great Border City.


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