Monday, 10 September 2012

What They Did On Their Holidays (No. 1)

Yes, it's been very quiet at Grillust Towers over the last couple of months and for that we apologise.

In our defense, we must state that we've been catching up on some much needed R 'n' R (Rock and Roll) and also sallying forth across the kingdom/world to see what's out there. All the while, lovingly documenting our findings for your visual delectation.

The first Grillust™operative to return to base with a clutch of holiday snaps is none other than moon-faced beardy bloke, Tony Peart (33).

Tony has spent the last few summers in a tent, visiting places in the United Kingdom that in his words; "no one goes on holiday to". Some may find this odd, but it seems to keep him happy so who are we to argue.

Stand-out destinations of recent years have included: Birmingham; Coalville in Leicestershire and High Wycombe?..

This year he based himself in Ashford (Kent) and later in the summer, for a change of scenery, travelled all the way to the much more exotic location of Boston.
The Boston post will have to wait for another time, what follows here are the highlights of ten days exploring 'The Garden of England' – Kent.

Smack Boys
Ramsgate – evidence of surprisingly liberal Victorian philanthropy
Ashford has a W.W.1 tank in the main street
Early morning still life
Deal (or no deal)?
Birchington on Sea
Dungeness 01
Dungeness No. 1 – a landscape like no other…
Dungeness 02
Dungeness No. 2
Dungeness 03
Dungeness No. 3
Dungeness 04
Dungeness No. 4 – lighthouse and nuclear power station
Dungeness No. 5 – the former home of the late Derek Jarman
Ramsgate harbour and beach
Leeds Maze
Leeds Castle maze
Sugar Boy
Deal again
Kent from the North Downs above Wye


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