Monday, 12 November 2012

First Years, Fourth Project - Film Posters

Regular blog readers will be well aware that the first years have just produced, directed, acted in, shot, edited and 'soundtracked' (N.B. a newly created verb © Grillust™) their very first film 'epic'.

In what was a fairly logical move, we slipped in a 'quickie' four day project that asked them to design a poster to advertise their newly created magnum opus.

Recent studio lectures have focused on: composition; colour; tone of voice/personality; hierarchies of information and a very basic introduction to typography. This was the first opportunity for these techniques to be explored and applied to a piece of design work.

Here's a small selection of the posters we saw at the studio presentations last Friday...

First up, Cameron Holland (21) has produced a poster for his Chopsocky masterpiece:

Jhon Bedoya (also 21) offers you two alternative posters for his French New Wave drama, Mal Compris (Misunderstood).


Christie Davies (also, also 21) knows all about gritty, Northern reality. Not because she's from Workington; simply because she's just made a Kitchen Sink drama involving the old 'eternal triangle'...

Kianna Poskitt (20 year and thirteen months) continues to scare us rotten, by producing an appropriately frightening poster for her Japanese horror film.

Derrian Bradder (36) [actually she's only 21] made an experimental movie and here's one of her equally experimental photographs to complement it.

Finally, Julia Ivanszky (vingt et un) offers you various alternative posters for her French New Wave epic L'amour Informe (I love informality).


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