Friday, 23 November 2012

'The Biscuit' Crumbles? No Way!

Never ones to need an excuse to 'roll back the rug and pull on their dancing shoes', the vast majority of last year's 3rd year returned yesterday for a swanky graduation ceremony followed by a serious night out 'on the lash'. So, we were somewhat surprised to see a bright eyed, bushy-tailed Shrewsbury Biscuit [aka Gary Nicholson] (33) bouncing into the studio this morning, looking non the worse for wear!

While tucking into fish and chips followed by a triumphant Friday Crumble (apple/no custard), 'The Biscuit' informed us that he'd not 'taken it steady' but had actually 'beefed-up' his ability to hold his liquor since going to work for Take Off Studio in London.

Gary Nicholson (33), a Vicar's Son. No fear in the face of a crumble.


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