Thursday, 29 November 2012

Graduation 2012

The University of Cumbria, Faculty of the Arts graduation took place last Thursday 22nd November, in the suitably splendid Carlisle Cathedral. Sadly it was a pig of a day, with strong winds and torrential rain denying the graduates an opportunity to collectively throw their mortarboards skywards.

That aside, there was much joy, merriment, drinking (a complimentary glass of wine) and catching up to do. Here are some snaps from the day…

Grillust™ operative Dwayne Bell (33) brought along his mother to help arrange his robes and clean his cheeks with mum spit and Kleenex.

Grillust™ operatives Captain Simon Davies, Dwayne Bell and Jim Millington (all 33) pictured in the Cathedral Fratry, using their new Where’s the Nearest Cathedral? Apps to plan a route to the ceremony.

The 97th Archbishop of York, the Most Revd. and Rt. Hon. John Sentamu (33) meets someone just as famous as himself, 2011-12 undefeated Blog Tart Dylan Sewell (33).

Former course Head Girl and Head Boy Dani Knowles (33) and Hugh Leoidsson (33)

Illustrator Jenny Coxy Cox (33) discussing Berol Pens with illustration tutor Dwayne Bell (33)

Bessie mates, Jen Bows and Claire Wood (both 33). Claire now works for Tigerprint in Saltaire, West Yorkshire, whereas Jen’s love of pargeting has drawn her inexorably to Ipswich, Suffolk

The Shrewsbury Biscuit, Claire Wood, Jen Bows, Elly Carthy and Stephen Arthur (all 33). Don’t they all scrub up well?

Dylan Sewell pictured (left) as a 21 year old and (right) at the age of 33. Can you spot any difference?

Finally, a winning smile from former Czech (now naturalised Cumbrian) Petra Bláhová. Petra’s love of Kendal Mint Cake was instrumental in her accepting a job at Kendal design studio Lavahouse.


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