Wednesday, 7 November 2012

the strange return
of “strangest thing
of the week”

This week’s ‘Strangest Thing of the Week"’ is brought to you by the all-dancing Adam Reid of year 1 graphic design. Now unbeknownst to us, Adam is a keen aviation enthusiast, or at least we must assume he is because when recently asked to create a piece of work celebrating type he obviously thought “No, sod that, I’m building me a passenger jet, out of papier-mâché”. Just look at the sad lump. Soaring through the heavens has never looked so unlikely.
Note – Adam, luckily, has a sense of humour and was more or less unable to deliver the work in a coherent fashion due to laughter.
Note – we passed him on his research and development work which, thankfully, bore relation to the brief.


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