Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cor Blimey! 100,000 Not Out!

It's official. In just two and a half years the Grullist™ Blog has exceeded 100,000 unique page views!

Wherever you are, dear reader, we hope you'll celebrate 'Grillust-style' with a slap-up feed of commemorative crumble and custard.

We've produced a complex information graphic followed by some simple maths to help you understand what a mountainous achievement this actually is...

Given that the average Grillust™ portion of apple crumble is 56.73mm high, a stack (or more correctly, a Crumble Tower) of 100,000 portions would reach 5,673 metres tall.  As the info graphic below clearly shows, this dwarfs the highest thing in Cumbria (Scafell Pike) but falls a little short of Mount Everest.

 The maths is somewhat easier to understand...


A resounding 'Well done and Thank You!' to everyone who has visited the Grillust™ Blog. Only 55,717 more page visits for the Crumble Tower to reach the height of Everest.


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