Friday, 26 April 2013

'Tache Wars - Round Two

It's been a spellbinding seven days here at Grillust™ H.Q. as the battle for moustache dominance continues unabated. Jasper and Matthew have thrilled the watching crowds with their facial hair duel as their 'taches have jockeyed for the lead all week.

Wednesday was a particularly exciting day with Jasper's 'tache growing an impressive 0.8mm and Matthew's managing a jaw-dropping 1mm in 24 hours (a feat that all those who witnessed it will remember until their dying day).

As the week sped by, the showman in each student came to the fore and the race developed into a competition for style dominance as well as length. At the weekly 'measure in' Jasper (left) presented his 'Stairway to Heaven' whereas Matthew (right) thrilled the audience with his 'failed ampersand'.

So, has Matthew (21) overtaken the 'old pretender' Jasper (21 and a bit)?...

Let's have a look at the 'measure in' photographs.

Well, as you can see, it's been a vintage week for competitive moustache growing! Jasper has added a staggering 41mm with Matthew coming up fast on the rails with an equally impressive 39mm!

We can't take this tension*!!! Has Matthew got what it takes? What innovative new shapes will these Michelangelos of the moustache sculpt for us next week? Can the legendary 12cm barrier ever be broken?

*For those of you who really can't take the tension of weekly bulletins, why not check out Ceefax Page 431 for hourly updates on this titanic struggle?


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